Saturday, 2 February 2013

Who is KAK BEDAH??

Ok..for those yg tgok #Setiahujungnyawa mesti knal kn spa itu Kak Bedah..or also known as Kak Bedah hol aloh....nk tgok sapa itu kak la kak bedah..

Ni la Kak Bedah hok alo..

This drama actually adaptasi from a novel SETIA HUJUNG NYAWA I forgot already whether I have read that novel or not...but not matter what happen...I like to watch dis!.
especially Kak Bedah....hahaha

CC the author's name..same like mine!!!

Ehhhh wait! more story about Kak Bedah kitee... "she" is actually captain in #FearfactorMalaysia...Kapten Hairul Azreen..ehemmm...hehehe


so don't forget to watch them in Fear Factor Malaysia..(amboihh promote plak aku,astro kena byaq ni...haha)
so Gud Luck Kak Bedah n partner...(aiyaa..actually I donno his partner's name,hehe)
nk taw why everyone's calling him as follow his twitter...


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